Artisan & Artist ACAM- 120 Beige/Kaki Kamera Gurt Tragriemen

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Colour: Tape:Beige,kaki Size: L910mm x W15(Center W30)mm Weight: 39g Material: Cotton, Leather(Italian) Country of Origin: Made in Japan Remark:   New slim camera strap made of soft cotton and Italian leather presented in 6 color variations. Thanks to softness of cotton the strap is exceptionally soft and pleasant on skin. The leather part around your neck is shaped in the way to perfectly fit with the neck line. Stylish and simple it is designed in a way that cotton and leather parts perfectly complement each other creating a unity. Cotton flows into leather so naturally making this strap extremely comfortable to wear. Varied color combination in natural soft “organic” colors leaves plenty of space to enjoy the color choice and match with different clothing.