Leica TL2 - Silver

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Best picture quality in its class

It doesn’t have to be full frame to deliver high quality. An APS-C sensor with 24 megapixels, like the sensor feature in the Leica TL2, produces the finest details and authentic, natural colours, resulting in exceptional contrast and brightness in even the most unfavourable lighting conditions. For every genre of photography. And for pin-sharp videos in full HD and 4K resolution. Speed matters, too: The camera’s autofocus guarantees fast and precise focusing on the exact part of your subject you wish to be sharp. Thanks to the high-speed processor, results are displayed on the extra-large touchscreen panel in a fractions of a second.

Best-in-class lenses

Exceptional imaging performance in every single picture – lenses made by Leica have an excellent reputation, combining compact size and incredibly high performance. And it's no wonder: Leica has more than 150 years of experience in the development of precision optical instruments. The Leica TL2 benefits from more than a century of know-how and dedication to perfection. And even more outstanding, you can use the lenses from all other Leica systems – past and present. The result? Exceptional imaging performance that’s visible in every picture – and the incomparable Leica bokeh.

Sharing has never been so easy

An integrated Wi-Fi module allows you to transfer pictures directly from your Leica TL2 to a smartphone, tablet or computers. The Leica TL2 sets up its own hotspot and allows image data to be transferred straight to your mobile device without a network or cable connection. The Leica TL2 App for iOS or Android lets you quickly and easily post your pictures on social networks or share them by email. With the remote function of the Leica TL app, you can also use your smartphone as an electronic viewfinder and shoot with your Leica TL2 by remote control.

Simple and brilliant

The generously dimensioned, 3.7-inch, high-resolution touchscreen panel almost completely fills the back of the Leica TL2. The intuitive handling enables you to focus on your subject and select the settings you need with a swift touch – as quickly and easily as when using your smartphone. And the ‘MyCamera’ menu allows you set and save favourite functions for your own special style of photography.

Always ready to shoot in a flash

Is life possible without a memory card? In addition to slots for SD, SDHC and SDXC memory cards, the Leica TL also features a built-in 32 GB memory. This means you always have space on board for at least 1,000 pictures at the highest resolution. Another particularly practical feature is the ability to recharge the camera battery, easily and conveniently, with a standard USB-C cable.

Cross-system compatibility

The Leica TL2 offers a high degree of versatility and cross-system compatibility. The L bayonet mount shared with the Leica SL allows the use of all TL and SL lenses. What’s more, a range of dedicated adapters also enables the use of the legendary lenses from the Leica M and Leica R systems.