Leica T2-Adapter TL/SL

Leica T2-Adapter TL/SL

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T2-Adapter T

Experience and document nature in a way you never did before. Combining the Leica T, with the Leica APO Televid Spotting Scope, the Leica Photo-Adapter and a Leica T2-Adapter for T you will get a focal length of 1.200mm. Beside the APSC-Sensor, that provides low noise pictures also on high ISO, the Leica T provides the Remote-Fuction of the Leica App T which is highly suitable for digiscoping.


On life view you can use your Smartphone or Tablet PC with WLAN as an electronic view-finder, to correct time and to distance-release for pictures or videos. Experience, what happens kilometers away with only one spotting scope as a whole group on your Tablet-PC. Digiscoping was been never more steady and stable. If you are watching lions in the steppe of Africa or playing Polar Bears in the arctic sea, with the Full HD-Video-Function you are able to experience such profoundly moving moments again and again.