Geovid HD-R 8x42

Geovid HD-R 8x42

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Look forward to the third generation of models Leica Geovid HD-42 (type 402/403) and Geovid HD-42 (type 500): they come complete with accurate measurement range and maximum optical performance. In order to guarantee an easy-to-use product we’ve simplified the functions and menu right down to the ballistic basics. A compact, lightweight body and an outstanding ergonomic bridge shape ensure admirable and intuitive ease of use. The perfect companion on any hunting trip.

In its overall concept the new HD-R 56 stands for a revolution in rangefinding. These binoculars have been optimised for hunting from raised hides and possess over 78% more light reserves than conventional 42 mm binoculars, which allows viewing well into the twilight hours – because every minute counts! What is unique about these rangefinding binoculars are their supreme optical performance thanks to the patented Perger Porro prism system, their optimised ergonomically designed bridge and the additional integration of an extremely powerful laser rangefinder, calculating both the actual distance and the distance relevant for shooting – even at enormous distances of up to 1,825m/2000yds. Although few other high-performance binoculars combine so many optoelectronic technologies, the Geovid 8x56 HD-R has an astonishingly compact construction.