Artisan & Artist Halfcase LMB-CL Red

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・Replace battery and SD card without taking the camera out of the case.
・Minimal and sophisticated design
・Inbuildtripod screw

Using high-quality Italian leather, this case for Leica’s popular new model Leica CL is given a detailed finish handmade by artisans. A minimal design was achieved without diminishing the compact shape of the Leica CL. The case feels safe as it fits in your hand, plus this model comes with a new added feature.
ARTISAN&ARTIST*’s first bottom cover opening allows the user to replace the battery and SD card without taking the camera out of the case, which had always been a hassle.
On the back of the battery cover, there is a small pocket to store an extra SD card. The bottom screw, which also works for the tripod, can fix the camera securely in the case without the use of any other buttons.
In addition to the overall fitting feel, the case has a secure finish that fits in the users hand as leather is used even on the front grip and andon the back top right section where the thumb rests.

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