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25th Anniversary Edition

25th Anniversary Edition

Special Limeted Edition

Made of "Black Diamond Samurai Leather"

Leica M Bag, Leica M Half Case and Strap


ACAM Classic Series

AA_ACAM_SeriesWith great emphasis on material and design, this camera bag fulfills the concept of classic simplicity. The main body is made of water- and stain- resistant canvas. These bag features excellent padding for protection which can be removed or rearranged to accommodate a variety of items.


CCAM + CLCAM Canvas Series

AA_CLCAM_SeriesThese are simple and classic bags made of canvas and high quality custom processed leather which is perfect for carrying Leica M camera or other mirrorless camera. When the leather ages the bag takes on an ever-changing character.


COV Shopper Bag Series

AA_COV_SeriesLarge Photo Bag in a Canvas Shopping Bag Design


DCAM + GCAM Leather Series

AA_GCAM_SeriesThe unique combination of waterproof cowhide and nylon creates the classic look of this bag. It can hold up to two mirrorless cameras and six lenses.
The cushioned inner case can be removed and customized, allowing for efficient and compact storage in a stylish design.


GDR City Bag Series

AA_GDR_SeriesThis bag is a uniquely designed solution, adapting a garden style bag to camera users. A wide opening, a stable wide bottom and exterior pockets make it ideal for a day of shooting photographs in the city. It is the ideal size for carrying camera and up to two lenses.


ICAM + MCAM Trendy-Revolutionar Series

AA_MCAM_SeriesCreated to fulfill the demands of the new digital era, when photographers carry not only camera equipment but other gadgets, this bag provides adequate space for all the digital items in a surprisingly compact form. 


LNCAM Snap Shooter Series

AA_LNCAM_SeriesSimple and elegant Camera bags, compatible for shoots outside with waterproof character

PR + PO Ladys Series

AA_PO_SeriesCamera Bags for real Ladys


RR Easy Slider & Bagpack Series

AA_RR_SeriesThis compact and functional sling bag for mirrorless camera with the Easy Slider as a shoulder strap allows easy access to your camera or other belongings at any time. The length can be adjusted and fixed easily with one finger by sliding the D-ring up or down.


WCAM Waterproof Series

AA_WCAM_SeriesThis sporty and sleek looking shoulder-type camera bag features a water-resistant exterior. The high-density nylon and waterproof zippers deflect light, water and dust, providing extra protection for your equipment. You can take this bag into extreme hot or cold temperatures, adverse weather, blowing sand, dust, branch snags and abrupt shock and be sure that your equipment is well protected.



RedLabelRED LABEL is a brand created for use at various occasions and settings by people who enjoy their camera lives. It offers sophisticated, urban and casual designs while guaranteeing not only the functionality that camera users expect but also the highest level of quality as the conventional ARTISAN&ARTIST products.


Compact Cases and Pouches

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