Kamera Tragriemen

Kamera Tragriemen

AA_Leder_TragriemenTragriemen, handgefertigt aus Leder, Canvas oder echter Seide

Kumihimo Seiden Serie

AA_Silk_SeriesProduced by traditional long established artisan’s shop of Kyoto, Silk Cord Strap is one of the most unique camera straps in the world. 
In Japan, silk was originally owned by aristocrats and praised for its elasticity, strength and flawless beauty. 
It was also used for traditional kimono belts KUMIHIMO ("woven cord") that were favored by Japanese people as a stylish accessory.
The gentle and smooth silk texture of the cord is comfortable on your neck at all times. You can wear it for a long time without feeling uncomfortable even in hot weather as the material breathes through.
You can wind the strap around your wrist or tie short when shooting photos

Easy Slider Serie

AA_Easy_SliderThis unique patented variable-length Easy Slider strap can be adjusted with a single finger in a few seconds. Just slide the D-ring with your finger to shorten or lengthen the strap in one movement.

ital. Leder Serie

AA_Leder_seriesHandmade Camera Straps with quality Italian leather by expert Japanese artisans

Classic Cloth Serie

AA_Classic_SeriesMade of soft acrylic tape and Italian leather, this straps are flexible and can accommodate various carrying styles.


AA_Redlabel_StrapNew standard camera straps with innovative features while maintaining a simple style.